Ten men have been convicted after police raided the biggest illegal dog fight uncovered in the UK since 1990. One of the pit bull terriers died a few hours after the fight and the other was so badly injured he had to be put down. A district judge found the 10 guilty of attending the fight. Five of them were fined, while five convicted of more serious charges have been remanded. The trial at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court had been shown a tape of the contest in Alum Rock, Birmingham. The video showed the two dogs fighting in a pit constructed from kitchen units. Spectators could be heard urging the animals on with cries of “shake him” and “come on boy”. District Judge Kal Qureshi issued fines ranging between £750 and £1,400 to the five men found guilty of attending the fight.

These are:

* Mamoon Ahmed, 24, of Phipson Road, Birmingham
* Yasser Khalid, 25, of Rotton Park Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
* Nabeel Safdar, 25, of Ash Road, Saltley, Birmingham
* Majid Mushtaq, 28, of Fletcher Road, Preston, Lancashire
* Imran Arif, 29, of Sandway Gardens, Washwood Heath,

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