POLICE are to take a zero tolerance stance against yobs after a mob caused mayhem on the streets of Wellfield.

The warning comes after a terrified councillor was forced to call 999 two nights in a row as she watched a gang of up to 40 youths destroy a car.

Councillor Jean Ashworth had been visiting her grandson in Woodbine Street on Sunday night when the gang went on the rampage.

“There were dozens of Asian youths all charging through the streets at the car,” she said. “They were throwing bricks, smashing the windows.

“I was so worried about what they might do next that I called the police.”

To Councillor Ashworth’s disgust, the same thing happened 24 hours later and she had to dial the police for a second time.

“The car was left in a terrible state, but it was the size of the group which terrified me. It is normally such a quiet street so it was terrible to see this attack.”

Inspector Nadeem Mir said the police presence had been stepped up in the area after youth nuisance, particularly in Woodbine Street East, was identified as a big problem at a joint police and community meeting.

Both police and support officers are patrolling the street at weekends to look out  for persistent troublemakers and call at homes to reassure the public.

Inspector Mir said: “I want to make it clear that we are taking a zero tolerance approach to this unacceptable behaviour.

“As well as extra patrols, I am looking to work with local mosques, which these youths may attend.

“We have a number of suspects. I would like to thank the public for bringing this to our attention.”