A CONVICTED sex offender has been banned from working at his father’s shop after he began luring young girls with cigarettes and alcohol.

Mohammed Bux, 26, was placed on the sex offender register in 2003 after being sentenced to 12 months in prison for indecent assault.

But the policeman responsible for monitoring him said he had serious concerns that Bux would commit further sexual offences because of his behaviour towards young customers.

And he cited the use of alcohol and cigarettes as inducements to young girls using the shop in Preston Old Road, Blackburn.

Bux has now been made subject of an interim Sexual Offences Prevention Order banning him from associating with people under 18 or acting in a way that may cause fear of sexual harm.

But Bux, whose family also used to run a shop in Mill Hill Bridge Street, has claimed he is being “victimised” and that police have a “personal vendetta” against him.


Det Con John Mather told Blackburn magistrates said that since he began supervising Bux there had been numerous incidents reported to him that had persuaded him of the need for a SOPO.

“As well as the sale of alcohol and cigarettes there have been inappropriate comments and sexual innuendo,” said DC Mather. “I believe if he is left to carry on he will commit further sexual offences.”

Cross-examined by Liz Parker, defending, DC Mather confirmed that Bux had been arrested in July on allegations of two indecent assaults on a young girl in the shop which he said had lost its Spar franchise as a result of the way it was being run.

But those matters resulted in no further action.

DC Mather said there were other incidents that had caused him concern and people had also raised concerns with him.

After District Judge Peter Ward had indicated he was minded to make the interim order Bux said: “This is my life we are talking about. It is being ruined because I put my arm around a girl who gave me signs. I spent six months in prison but I am still being punished.”

He said at the time he was sent to prison he was due to collect a degree in marketing from the University of Central Lancashire.

“My degree sat there gathering dust and now my life is on hold again,” said Bux.

“The incident lasted 30 seconds and it is ruining my life.

“You won’t see me here again, if you want to see me you will have to come to Pleasington Cemetery because that is where I will be, I will kill myself.

“All I want is justice.”

Speaking after the case he said he had gathered a 150 signature petition calling for him to be allowed to remain working at the shop.

He said: “I’m not a bad guy.

“The shop is being targeted by vandals, people are smashing the windows thinking I’m some kind of pervert.

“I was due to get married but my wife-to-be left when the allegations came to light.

“My life was turned upside down but I managed to get myself back on track and then this happens.

“I am the backbone to this shop. I speak fluent English, without me my father’s business he has built over a decade will go under.”

The interim order prohibits Bux, of Buncer Lane, Blackburn, from associating with anyone under 18; contacting or attempting to contact anyone under 18; allowing any person under 18 to enter his home; acting in a way that may cause alarm, distress or harassment or fear of sexual harm; and taking employment which by its nature will be likely to bring him into contact with females under the age of 18.

The interim order will run until December 4 when the court will be updated on the preparation of a risk assessment by the NSPCC.

Hat tip: Aberdeen