Valassis UK

Valassis UK said some staff had worked there for 30 years

A Northamptonshire firm is to relocate to Poland with the loss of 240 jobs.Valassis UK processes and settles the finances of coupons and money-off vouchers between product manufacturers and retailers at its Corby site.

The work will transfer to Poland in mid-2008, but a spokesman said 60 jobs, in marketing, finance and human resources, would stay in Corby.

The company said the decision was taken to keep the firm competitive but it would help staff find new jobs.

The US-owned company processes the 85% of the UK’s 3.5 billion shopping vouchers, including those for all the major supermarkets and newspapers.

Responsible employer

Charles D’Oyly, managing director of Valassis UK, said: “We have taken this decision to ensure the future competitiveness of Valassis in the UK, and more easily contain future cost increases to our customers.

Mr D’Oyly said some staff had worked for the firm for 30 years and although they could transfer to Poland, he expected few would take up the offer.

The company said it expected to relocate to new smaller premises in Northamptonshire once the jobs went to eastern Europe.

“Naturally, we will do everything we possibly can to support our staff through this very difficult process,” said Mr D’Oyly.

“We have always been a concerned and highly responsible local employer and that’s how we will continue to behave.”