A MAN daubed blood over his cell walls, urinated on the floor and spat at an officer.

Artur Slabosz, of Harrow Street, Halifax, admitted criminal damage and racially aggravated assault when he appeared before Calderdale magistrates.

Bill Astin, prosecuting, told the court Slabosz had allegedly hit a young Asian man over the head with a bottle.

But Slabosz maintained he had been the one attacked.

“He said he was subjected to a group attack,” said Mr Astin.

Police located a witness who said Mr Slabosz was assaulted by six or seven Asian males.

“He was covered in blood and his shirt was ripped. He defended himself with a bottle.

“Police arrived to find a chaotic scene.”

Slabosz, father to a month-old baby, was arrested.

Mr Astin said: “While at the police station, Slabosz spat at PC Intikah Alam with a mouth full of blood or deliberately blew blood at him.

Slabosz was put into a cell where he wrote abusive language across the wall with his blood and then he urinated on the floor.

“When he was interviewed he denied the assault and said he was the one racially abused. He was angry.

“It was an unpleasant, unprovoked incident.”

Stephen Warrington, for Slabosz, said: “He was the victim.

The Asian lads set about him.

“When he got back to the police station, he had injuries and was taken to hospital.

“He accepts that he should not have been abusive to the officer.

“His actions were unjustified.”