A FEARFUL mother wants an attacker to be caught before he assaults another dog walker.

Mrs Lisa Rosato of Dellfield, St Albans, reported the first assault to the police in March last year when her daughter Daniela – then aged 12 – was walking their pet Staffordshire bull terrier Benson along the Alban Way near Morrison’s supermarket. On that occasion she was kicked from behind by the middle-aged black man who had a blue bicycle and a bottle was thrown at Benson.

The police tried to find the attacker on the Alban Way but were unsuccessful. But Mrs Rosato said: “Three months after that incident Daniela saw a little old lady with a small dog being beaten up by the man.

“He is obviously mentally unstable with a thing about dogs because he doesn’t trouble anyone walking on their own without a dog.”

There was another incident earlier this year when Daniela and a friend – again with Benson – were chased by the man but managed to get away.

And on Friday Mrs Rosato had to call the police again when Daniela was walking Benson on the Alban Way after school. The man approached her brandishing a stick and was just about to hit her with it when a man stopped him, forcibly removing the stick from his hand.

Mrs Rosato said: “He is clearly a very dangerous man.”.

Herts police say officers from the Neighbourhood Team had made several attempts to locate the man and continued to carry out patrols in the area.