A pensioner fought off robbers with her walking stick after seeing them attack a 12-year-old girl.Police are trying to trace the woman, believed to be in her 70s, who came to the girl’s aid in a subway in Stretford, Greater Manchester.

The girl was robbed by three youths who stole money from her blazer pocket.

The pensioner comforted the girl and even replaced her stolen money. Police say the girl’s family want to thank the “brave” pensioner in person.

The robbery happened early on Monday morning as the girl walked to school, near the entrance to Stretford Arndale.

She was clearly a match for these cowardly yobs

Pc Craig Burrows
Greater Manchester Police

The three youths pushed the girl to the ground and stole £7 from her.

They ran off after the pensioner hit one of them over the head with her walking stick.

Pc Craig Burrows, of Greater Manchester Police, said:”We really want to trace the woman who went to the girl’s aid.

“She didn’t think of her own safety – she just waded in with her walking stick and drove them away.

“Her actions were brave and she was clearly a match for these cowardly yobs.

“Not only did she scare them off, but she had the kindness to give the victim money from her own purse to make up for the stolen cash.

“We now hope to trace this good Samaritan so the victim and her family can thank her in person.”

The three youths were black, aged about 17 and were all wearing hooded tops.