A Teenager on a BMX allegedly stabbed a man at a city centre bus stop after he bumped into him on the pavement, a court heard.

Rickell Patterson, of Norland Close, St Ann’s, is accused of murdering journalist Timothy Smith on Tuesday, May 1, in Upper Parliament Street, at around 6.30pm.

Lynne Tayton, prosecuting, told Nottingham Crown Court that Patterson, nicknamed ‘Rizzle’, stabbed Mr Smith in his chest after the collision and a 30-second scuffle.

Patterson, then 16 now 17, was one of four black youths who then fled on their BMX bikes, the court heard.

The defendant admits stabbing Mr Smith, of Kingsthorpe Close, St Ann’s, but denies murder, claiming Mr Smith became ‘crazy’ after stepping into the bike’s path and being hit.

The court heard that Patterson had armed himself with a knife from Tesco that day because his friend had been attacked by a group from Radford.

Nathan Towle was waiting for a bus at the time of the incident.

He told the jury: “I remember one of them [the group] striking Tim with his right hand towards his chest. I assumed it was a punch and then everybody just disappeared straight away.”

Mr Smith was rushed to Queen’s Medical Centre, but died just after 1am from a single stab wound which punctured his lung and a main vein.

Patterson handed himself into Central Police Station the next day, accompanied by his mother and another relative.

The family had been told about the incident by the father of one of Patterson’s friends, the court heard.

Patterson answered no comment in his police interview but provided officers with a prepared statement in which he denied intentionally killing Mr Smith and said the older man was the aggressor after their collision.

The defendant claims he only meant to stab him in the arm,” Ms Tayton said.

Patterson disposed of the knife in a flooded area of Sycamore Park, from where it was later recovered by police.

Ms Tayton said the defendant also changed his top because it had blood on it.

Mr Smith, a court reporter previously employed in Leicester, had moved to Nottingham to seek freelance work.

At the time of the incident he was reading a bus timetable and eating a cheeseburger having spent the afternoon surfing the internet at Nottingham Central Library.