Police are appealing to find this man
Police are appealing to find
this man
A woman who was struck across the head with a holdall after a dispute with a passenger over a seat used a mobile phone to take a photo of the suspect and police are hoping the public may assist in identifying him.

British Transport Police PC Leigh Reid said the 42-year-old woman from Gravesend had boarded a train which was travelling from Gravesend to Charing Cross at around 8am on June 27, when she asked a male passenger if he could move his large holdall bag and feet from the facing seats so she could sit down.

PC Reid said: “It would seem the male moved his feet but then decided to rest the bag on the woman’s legs. The bag fell to the floor and the male is alleged to have stood up and swung the holdall at the woman’s face, striking her in the face and upper body.

“The male then sat down and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.”

PC Reid said it was then the victim decided to use her mobile phone to take a photo of the male.

“This was an unprovoked and completely random attack against a passenger who was simply asking for a seat.

“The victim in this case, despite being left in shock at being assaulted, kept her wits and used her phone to get a photo of the suspect, which shows him with his eyes closed.

“The suspect is described as black, about 6ft 4in tall, he was wearing a dark coloured suit jacket, white t-shirt and dark coloured trousers. He was carrying a large tan coloured holdall bag.”