Ajmal Mohammed has admitted sexual assault but denies rape
ALLEGATION: Ajmal Mohammed has admitted sexual assault but denies rape

A 14-year-old girl who had been plied with alcohol woke up to find a 39-year-old man raping her, a court was told.

And Ajmal Mohammed used a mobile phone to film himself sexually assaulting the girl while she slept.

The court was told that Mohammed, of Audley Range, Blackburn, had attacked the girl after taking her to a Blackpool hotel from her home in Accrington.

Katherine Blackwell, prosecuting, said that the girl had taken an overdose in the days after the incident.

Mohammed, a Ribblesdale League cricketer, denies rape and a further charge of illegally taking the girl from her home.

But he has admitted sexual assault following the incident filmed on the mobile phone.


On the first day of a five-day trial at Preston Crown Court, Miss Blackwell told the court that the girl first met Mohammed last summer when he approached her and an older friend at a bus stop.

He told them that he was only 24 years old.

Miss Blackwell said that in February this year Mohammed arranged a trip to Blackpool for himself, the two girls and a friend of his that they agreed to go on.

They met on February 15 at Morrisons supermarket in Blackburn town centre, where he worked at the time, before setting off to the coastal town.

Miss Blackwell said: “She lied to her parents and said that she was staying with a friend. Before the trip he (Mohammed) bought a bottle of whisky and a bottle of vodka which the two girls drank.

“By the time they reached Blackpool the girl was very drunk.”

She said that as the group parked the 14-year-old vomited and after arriving at the hotel in Albert Road she went straight to bed.

After falling asleep she was awoken to find Mohammed raping her, the court heard.

The girl told the court: “I was really drunk and fell asleep fully clothed. I don’t know how long I was sleep but I woke up and Ash was on top of me, raping me.

“It was the pain that woke me. I told him to get off which he did.

“I was crying my eyes out but I got rid of him. After I fell asleep again and when I woke up he was on top of me again. I told him to get off me. I was shouting at him to get away from me.

“I was shaking and crying my eyes out.

“I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t think they would believe me.”

She said in the month that she knew Mohammed she had met up with him ‘quite a few times’ on her own and also regularly saw him along with a group of friends.

But she said they had never been more than friends. She said: “I trusted him and he violated me.”

The alleged victim reported the attack days later after being admitted to hospital. Police arrested Mohammed and seized his mobile phone.

Miss Blackwell added: “The phone was examined and a video showed the girl being assaulted by Mohammed while she slept.

“He was caught red handed with the evidence.”

Telling of the overdose, Miss Blackwell said: “She felt violated and scared by what had happened and in desperation she took an overdose of stomach tablets.”