AN ILLEGAL immigrant jailed a fortnight ago for raping a schoolgirl was given a SECOND life sentence yesterday – for murdering a dad of two.

Joseph Ekaette, 19, stabbed his victim twice in the chest as fellow gang members yelled, “Shank him, shank him.”

The Holly Street Gang then ran off laughing as Stevens Nyembo-Ya-Muteba, 41, lay dying outside his flat.

Stevens – a brilliant mathematician who had won a place at Cambridge University – was attacked after asking the gang to be quiet as they ran riot in the block of flats in Hackney, East London.

The Old Bailey heard Ekaette, known as Tiny, “switched” and lost his temper after his top was ripped in a struggle with Stevens near the front door.

Two weeks ago Ekaette was given an indeterminate sentence at Blackfriars Crown Court for raping a girl of 14 while his friend filmed the attack on a mobile phone.

Yesterday an Old Bailey judge ordered him to be detained indefinitely, with a minimum 14 years before he can apply for parole. Ekaette, who arrived in Britain from Nigeria in 2003, has overstayed his visa and the judge recommended he be deported after his sentence.

The court heard Stevens and his family had fled war-torn Congo for a better life in London. He worked as a warehouseman to support his family while he continued his studies.

His wife Veronique said their daughters, aged eight and five, had suffered nightmares and needed counselling after their dad’s murder. Veronique, 30 – who is studying radiography at uni – told the court: “Our lives will never be the same again. Our hearts and our lives have been devastated.