A GANG of thugs involved in a brutal attack on a dad trying to protect his son from them have been allowed to dodge jail by a judge.

Paul Hannam, 39, was beaten unconscious as he attempted to defend 12-year-old son Josh from an unprovoked assault outside a Chinese takeaway.

Raja Miah ... admitted attack

Raja Miah … admitted attack

The engineer – whose head was stamped on – said: “This is joke justice. I don’t see how letting these yobs back on the streets will stop them from going on to commit other crimes.”

Paul and Josh, from Rochdale, Gtr Manchester, were picking up a meal when they were targeted.

The booze-fuelled Asian yobs knocked Josh to the floor with blows to the head.

He was knocked unconscious, and also suffered a broken nose, fractured rib, cuts and bruises.


But incredibly Judge Timothy Clayson let the four yobs charged over the attack walk free from Bolton Crown Court with suspended jail terms. He said it was because they saved the cost of a trial by pleading guilty.

Ghulam Hadhar, 18, from Rochdale, Faraz Malik, 20, of Birmingham, and Adnan Nawaz, 20, from Burnley, admitted threatening unlawful violence.

Let-off ... Judge Clayson

Let-off … Judge Clayson

They were given 12-month suspended jail terms. Raja Miah, 22, of Rochdale, was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years for violent disorder and unlawful wounding.

He was said to have had “less culpability” because he suffered from schizophrenia.

The 55-year-old judge told him: “People who commit this type of offence must receive a prison sentence” but added: “The Crown decided not to proceed with the more serious offence of GBH.”

Paul said: “A prison sentence is the only way they learn.”