AN IRAQI Kurd who groomed and raped a “vulnerable and naive” teenager has failed to persuade top judges his 10-year sentence was too harsh.

Aziz Sabir Hamed, of Verdon Street, Pitsmoor, was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court after being convicted of rape, attempted rape and other sexual offences against a 15-year-old.

Mr Justice Pitchford told London’s Criminal Appeal Court the 24-year-old “groomed” the “immature” teenager, plying her with “small gifts” in return for sexual favours, which he withdrew if she displeased him.

Their relationship was “exploitative, coercive and possessive“, the court heard, and although the girl believed she was genuinely loved by Hamed she was in reality “used for sexual gratification“.

The girl was in local authority care when targeted by Hamed, and he was introduced to her by her “former boyfriend”, also a member of Sheffield’s Iraqi community.

In their first sexual encounter, Hamed forced himself on the girl as she was half asleep and “senseless” through vodka, which he had given her.

He tried to rape her and lashed out with his fists when she resisted. Later Hamed raped the girl.

Mr Justice Pitchford, sitting with Lord Justice Pill and Mr Justice Walker, said Hamed was also convicted of other offences of sexual activity with a child over incidents of “consensual but unlawful” intercourse with the girl.

The judge said there was nothing excessive about Hamed’s 10-year term, concluding: “He was guilty of a prolonged period of sexual offending against a vulnerable girl, which involved violence, grooming and persistence.

“He had committed a previous offence of attempted rape against her, and continued his sexual exploitation of her unabated for several months.

“In the circumstances we’re unable to agree 10 years was manifestly excessive in total.”