A COUPLE who fleeced the taxpayer out of millions of pounds in a massive benefits con have been jailed for a total of six years and nine months.

Illegal immigrant Saheed Ladega, 38, and his partner Oluwatosin Gbadebo, 35, used 26 fake identities to get away with the scam for nearly a decade.

They fraudulently claimed benefits for two homes despite living with their five children at their £400,000 gated mansion in Essex.

The pair then poured their ill-gotten gains into a property empire in east London and sub-let them to more illegal immigrants.

As the money from illegal tenants and tax cons rolled in, they bought 11 more houses which were rented to genuine tenants paying thousands of pounds each week.

But their greed was still not satisfied and the couple invented fictitious identities, used false National Insurance numbers and fake pay and bank details to claim housing benefit at all 11 properties.