A year after a 21-year-old student was raped in Manchester, police are making a fresh appeal to trace her attacker.

The woman had returned to Fallowfield in the early hours of 11 May after celebrating the end of her exams.

As she walked from Sainsbury’s to Ladybarn Lane, she was violently attacked and dragged into an alleyway off Whitby Road where she was raped.

Police will be in the area on Saturday asking local people if they recognise an e-fit of her attacker.

Officers have also liaised with the students’ unions in Manchester, informing them of the new appeal and offering safety advice to young women.

Police said the woman suffered serious injuries in the attack and it seemed as if she had been strangled and knocked unconscious.

We don’t want this horrendous incident to spoil students’ celebrations
Det Insp Will Chatterton

The offender was pale-skinned and Asian and aged between 20 and 25 years old.

He had dark, prominent eyebrows and thick sideburns that were tapered into facial stubble and a short beard.

He is described as being quite well built and was wearing a black jumper, possibly ribbed, and with a zip.

Det Insp Will Chatterton, leading the investigation, said: “We are determined to catch the attacker, and will continue to work with Ladybarn’s student community, both to help the investigation and to keep our streets safe.

“The victim was with her friends celebrating their end of term exams on the night of the attack.

We don’t want this horrendous incident to spoil students’ celebrations after all their hard work, but we have to remind people to be safe, to look out for their friends, and not to walk home alone if they can help it.”

Anyone with any information should contact police or Crimestoppers.