Three youths who gangraped and scalded a disabled girl with caustic soda in Tottenham have been found guilty.

The 16-year-old with the mental age of about eight, had skin peeling off her face, genitals and chest as her attackers poured water on her intensifying the burning, jurors at Wood Green Crown Court heard. She is scarred for life after suffering 50% burns to her body. Caustic soda has been used in sex attacks to destroy DNA evidence.

Rogel McMorris, 18, of Antill Road, Tottenham was found guilty of two counts of rape and GBH with intent.

Jason Brew, 19, of High Cross Road, Tottenham was found guilty of rape.

Hector Muiamba, 20, of Guildford Road, Walthamstow was also found guilty of rape at a derelict house in January.
‘Laughed and ran away’ – Disgusting behaviour in court

Prosecutor Rosina Cottage told the court how the gang laughed as they ran away leaving the unnamed girl screaming in terror.

It is said one defendant, Bradley Daley-Smith, told a friend: ‘She was a ho and she deserved it.’

Investigating officer DC Alex Newton said the defendant’s attitude in court had been “disgusting” as they laughed and giggled through proceedings at Wood Green Crown Court. She added:

“This has been a shocking and traumatic case. These men preyed on a vulnerable girl and plotted to take advantage of her. Raping her repeatedly wasn’t enough; they then scarred her for life by throwing a corrosive substance over her.

“Their attitude in court has been disgusting. Some of them have been laughing and sniggering, they have no respect for anyone, and I’m delighted at the convictions today.”
999 call played

Neighbour Helen Riddell heard the ‘frantic scenes’ and found the alleged victim withering around in agony covered in a white powder with pink patches on her peeling black skin.

The harrowing 999 call was played to the jury; you could clearly hear her screaming in the background.

Ms Cottage said:

“Naked, screaming and crying, she was in no position to make up a cover story.”

The victim planned to meet a friend, who is not on trial, but was instead met by Rogel McMorris, 18, who allegedly took her to the abandoned property.

She has been left ‘severely disfigured’ despite months of operations was which caused burns to half her body – not speaking for a month after the alleged attack.
‘Lured’ to flat

The girl had originally planned to meet a friend, who is not standing trial, but was met by Rogel McMorris, 18, who apparently took her to the abandoned property on Antill Road in South Tottenham.

Ms Cottage said she was probably picked on because she had previously agreed to sex with Mr Hendricks and Daley-Smith in a bid to be popular.
Family – ‘Life has changed forever’

The victim’s family, speaking in a statement said their lives changed forever after “the worst day of our family’s life.” Adding:

“No conviction can compensate for what our daughter went through, but we truly appreciate the conviction of three of these men.

“Our sincere gratitude goes to all the police officers and organisations involved although no amount of words can express our gratitude.”

The three men found guilty today will be sentenced in the New Year.

Several others where charged over the sickening incident:

Daley-Smith, 22, and Miguel Almeida, 22, both of Edmonton, North London; and Bruno Abrantes, 24, both of Tottenham; Opey­emi Ismail, 20, of Leyton, East London all deny two counts of rape. Five also deny GBH with intent.