A ROMANIAN criminal cynically raped a young woman in Yorkshire so he would end up in jail and have somewhere to eat, sleep and learn English.
Ali Majlat, 35, was in Wakefield to visit his brother who was already in the local prison, and targeted the 21-year-old as she was waiting for a train at Kirkgate railway station.

Released only weeks earlier from prison in his home country, Majlat viciously attacked the woman on October 12 last year, robbing her of her phone, purse and a bracelet.

He was arrested in London after an appeal by British Transport Police who described how the girl was initially punched, kicked and dragged to the ground before escaping and being caught again in an underpass at the deserted station.

Yesterday Majlat pleaded guilty to rape and robbery. Sentence on him was adjourned to seek further information about his criminal record in Romania.

Judge Alistair McCallum warned Majlat he was considering a possible life sentence after reading a psychiatric report which concluded he posed a serious risk to the public for the “foreseeable future”.

He asked Mark McKone defending the Romanian: “Is it right he said: ‘When I was on the railway station I thought I should rape this lady in order to get a place to eat and sleep and learn the English language’?”

He commented: “That’s bizarre” when Mr McKone confirmed what Majlat had said.

The judge requested the Crown Prosecution Service find out, if it can, about the defendant’s criminal record in Romania, particularly sexual offences.

“It appears he was released from prison in Romania in June, 2008 then immediately came across here and presumably enters on a passport which allows him to do so under EU regulations.”

The judge said there must be some system in place which would allow authorities to find out a prisoner’s record abroad.

“This is going to be something we will have to be looking at more regularly.”

Mr McKone said the psychiatrist had assessed Majlat fit to plead and not suffering from mental illness. But the defendant had also told the psychiatrist he had been assessed in a prison hospital in Romania when he was described as crazy.

Mr McKone told the judge on Majlat’s account he had served two prison sentences in Romania, one a street robbery, the other an attempted robbery. He had been homeless and sleeping on the streets for some time before the offence in Wakefield.

After the case Det Supt Dave Shipperlee, the senior investigating officer, said: “This was a violent and sustained attack on a young woman who must have been absolutely terrified.”