A 22-year-old man who raped two 13-year-old girls in his car after plying them with alcohol has been jailed for 14 years.

Ali offered the two girls a lift before giving them vodka and raping them in his car

Munshur Ali, from Hyde in Greater Manchester, asked his victims for directions and began chatting with them before offering the young girls a lift.

Ali drove the girls to an off licence in Stockport and bought them a bottle of vodka to drink.

He then took them to a church and raped the pair twice in the back of his car.

While passing sentence, Judge Peter Larkin said: “You subjected these two vulnerable, naive 13-year-olds to a terrifying ordeal.”

The judge described Munshur Ali as “devious and manipulative”.

He said: “Not only have you made serious and deeply unpleasant allegations against the two girls, you also concocted a defence to fit the prosecution evidence against you.”

The girls mothers, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said their children were naïve and too trusting: “We are absolutely devastated.

To any other young girls, I just want to say if you are going out – stay with a group… And never get into anyone’s car.”

The second victim’s mother said: “It’s easy to say don’t drink, but it’s part of growing up. And it’s so easy to get hold of alcohol now – I think the Government needs to crack down on that.

“They are not the same children now. He didn’t show any remorse at court, joking with his friends. It’s disgusting.”

Speaking outside court, Detective Constable Lindsey Morgan said: “Both the girls have basically lost their innocent childhood, and they are traumatised by what’s happened to them.”

When asked about Munshur Ali she commented: “I think he was a sly, evil person…and he went out on this evening knowing that his intention was to get vulnerable girls into his car and rape them.”