A Romanian Muslim man has confessed that he rapped a woman so that he could sample prison hospitality in Britain.

But the twist in the tale is that Appeal Court judge Lord Justice Dyson, has cut the time before he will be eligible for parole from five to three years.

Ali Majlat c
ame to Britain from Romania after his older brother Dominic, who is serving two life sentences for rape and attempted murder, wrote to him boasting of the luxuries he enjoyed in one of England’s high-security jails.

Within weeks of arriving in the country, Majlat, 35, attacked his 21-year-old victim as she waited on a station platform.

He pleaded guilty last April to rape and robbery, admitting his sole ­reason for attacking the woman was so he could go to a British jail.

He was given an indefinite prison sentence, with an order that he must serve five years before being eligible for parole.

Grave concerns have been expressed by Majlat’s victim