More than 50 Romanian beggars evicted from London’s Marble Arch have moved just a few yards away to the exclusive Park Lane area of the city.

The group have moved to the road’s central reservation within full view of the capital’s high-end restaurants and hotels.

They were moved on from the streets around Marble Arch and Oxford Street last month as council workers battle an influx of Romanian crime syndicates ahead of the Olympics.

According The Evening Standard, locals said the gang had been sleeping in cardboard boxes in a subway which runs under the central reservation until the midpoint entryway was barred shut last week.

Coachloads of penniless pickpockets and prostitutes are arriving in the capital every day, many already armed with maps directing them to the best patches, which they have been ordered to defend from rivals.

Yesterday, police made attempts to search the beggars – while just a few yards away out of sight some of the group were urinating in the street.

And this morning, two police vans were parked in Marble Arch, while a small group of six Eastern Europeans sat nearby with several large black bags.

A British homeless man said it had become too dangerous to sleep out in central London because of Romanian gangs roaming around at night thieving at knifepoint.

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