Four family members have been jailed for their ‘inhuman’ treatment of a relative who was subjected to a three-year campaign of cruelty and violence.

Nek Alam, 72, and sons Zahir, 33, Zahoor, 32, and Janghir, 29, repeatedly abused Ghalib Hussain, 27, a court heard.

The ordeal for Mr Hussain, an epileptic with learning difficulties, began after he came to Accrington from Pakistan in 2006 as a result of an arranged marriage to Nek Alam’s daughter, Sofia.

She had rejected him and he was said to have been left ‘stranded and alone’ in the Alam household.

Burnley Crown Court was told that ‘child-like’ Mr Hussain was nicknamed ‘The Clown’ by his family and was subjected to cruelty by his relatives who regarded him as a financial burden.

A jury heard that Mr Hussain was said to have been beaten as ‘punishment’, had a jump lead clamped on his nose and was hit with the other end, was headbutted, kicked, punched and hit with a bat, a stick and a belt.

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