From the usually well informed Bolton Patriot we have the following story of an attack by Muslim taxi drivers wielding baseball bats and iron bars made against a 17 year old white lad. We’re currently seeking further information on events, and will update here when we know more :

This is a picture of a 17 years old jumped on by 7 Muslim taxi drivers on saturday night. He was walking home from a house party in rochdale they all jumped out of taxis with metal bars and baseball bats and started beating the shit out of him and the police are not classing this as a racist attack, because they stole his phone and smashed it they are calling it theft. If you live in Rochdale please do not use Joe baxis, streamline or minrow taxis these as the ones guilty of this horrendous crime that has left a young lad scarred for life.

If seven white lads had jumped out of their cars and beat up on a Muslim and stole his phone, it would be classed as a racist attack, but because it’s the other way round, it’s NOT a racist attack. The police in this country make me sick.

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