This just in – A Somalian refugee who carried out a violent rape on a woman just hours after being released from prison for other offences has now been jailed for 10 years.

Salar Abokar, 31, raped his 21 year old victim after he had been on a binge drinking session to celebrate his release from prison.

During the attack he punched and bit his victim before tearing off her clothes and forcing her to have sex with him. Her boyfriend was forced to watch.

We’ve not a lot of details on it currently, I’ll follow on a link and update the story as soon as (if) it appears in the media. For all those morons who say we make this up whenever we can’t link to an approved media source though, the case is currently documented on – and yes, as per usual a copy has been saved so proof is available even if the papers don’t report on it.