Victim Maymoun Zarzour

A blind Muslim cleric was strangled by a man who later told police he had killed the “antichrist” and that it was Judgment Day, a court heard today.

Hamza Boutouil, 25, attacked Maymoun Zarzour with an ornamental rope at Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park, north London on September 2 last year, jurors at the Old Bailey were told.

The imam, known as Sheikh Maymoun, was blind from a young age from injuries he suffered in his native Lebanon.

After the killing, as witnesses were giving descriptions to the police, Boutouil returned to the centre and was “raving”, the court heard.

Prosecutor Jonathan Turner QC told the court: “You will hear from them what state he was in when they first came into contact. I will make no apology for the use of the word, they will say that he was raving.

“Among the things he was saying, which bystanders translated from Arabic so the police could understand, was that he had killed the antichrist, and that by that he meant the imam, and that this was Judgment Day.”

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