A failed asylum seeker who claimed he killed his girlfriend after the Tottenham teenager confessed to cheating on him has been jailed for at least 10-and-a-half years.

Ako Amin told police he battered 17-year-old Cheryl Tariah with a hammer before grasping her around the neck with his hands and strangling her to death on February 7 this year because she confessed to having been unfaithful.

A neighbour later described overhearing Amin, 19, shouting out other men’s names, before Miss Tariah told him: “Don’t hurt me, leave me alone and get off me.”

The shouts were followed by screams and choking that could be heard through an open window of his hostel room in High Street, Barkingside, in the road below.

Amin, 19, then covered the Dunloe Avenue teenager’s body with a duvet before casually strolling to a nearby library, where he bragged to a friend: “The hammer didn’t do it – I had to strangle her.”

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