Two Nigerian men living in Luton have been jailed on the 15 June following an elaborate scam to steal the identity of a dead British man.

Finest Ifeanyi Arojie, 43, illegally entered the UK in 2005. The following year he obtained a copy of the birth certificate of a British man, James Samuel Walters, who died in New York in 1989.

In 2007 Arojie used the birth certificate to obtain a British passport in Mr Walters’ identity, stating that he had lost his previous passport. There was no record of Mr Walters’ death because it occurred outside the UK.

Arojie then used his fake British identity to gain employment as a forklift driver in Dunstable in July 2008.

In April 2009 Arojie sponsored the entry to the UK of a man claiming to be his 16-year-old son and calling himself Bright Walters. The pair lived at Old Bedford Road, Luton.

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