A gang of four masked men burst into the 25-year-old’s home in Camden Town in the early hours as she dozed in front of the television. The group of four, who concealed their faces with black scarves, wielded large kitchen knives and demanded money from the terrified victim.

The Nepalese woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, screamed for help and begged her attackers not to harm her. But Ismail Khalil, who knew she would be alone, dragged her into her bedroom where he raped her while holding a knife to his victim’s throat.

Throughout the three-minute ordeal, the 17-year-old from the Wendling Estate in Haverstock Road told his victim he was going to murder her.

Khalil, who has a string of motor vehicle thefts to his name, and another defendant stole £200 in cash and a £400 digital camera before fleeing the flat at around 1.30am on November 16 last year.

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