Drug-resistant cases of Tuberculosis are on the rise in the UK, according to newly released figures.

The number of cases of the infectious disease which could not be treated by common drug treatments has risen by 26 per cent, says the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

In 2010, there were 342 cases which could not be dealt with by traditional antibiotics, while in 2011, this figure rose to 431.

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Note from SWN :

Recent Health Protection Agency data shows 73% of all TB diagnoses as being in those described as “foreign born”. In heavily enriched London this figure rose to 84% of all cases.

Another 9% location of birth wasn’t known for, draw your own conclusions there. Asia and Africa made up most cases.

Note it’s just detailing ‘foreign born’, how many of those who are not foreign born are also enrichers who happen to have been born here? The report doesn’t tell us.