A teenage knife thug has been jailed for stabbing a Good Samaritan who tried to stop him from abusing fellow bus passengers.

Sanchez Brown was jailed along with another youth after they started abusing passengers on the 488  bus between Dalston and Bromley-by-Bow.

Brown, 19 and Blake Mehmet, also 19 became abusive to passengers – including a pregnant lady and group of elderly women as they travelled on the bus on 14 September last year.

At one point Brown refused to move his legs to allow a pregnant lady with a pram to move past.

He blocked the aisle again as the bus approached Parnell Road E3.

Artist Tim Smits, 32, politely asked Brown to move and show some consideration to his fellow passengers.

Brown approached him and began to threaten him before punching him several times in the head. The victim restrained Brown and tried to defuse the situation but Mehmet joined in, also punching Mr Smits.

This gave Brown the chance to take out a knife and stab the victim several times in the stomach and leg.

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