Simeon Haven, Sean Mason

TWO bungling burglars have been jailed for a total of 17 years for smashing their way into a 51-year-old woman’s home – after mistaking it for a cannabis factory.

Simeon Haven and Sean Mason had planned to target another criminal’s home but got the wrong address.

Deborah Murphy was upstairs in her Burslem home at 9am on February 17 when she heard loud banging on her back door and someone shouting ‘it’s the police, open up’.

She locked herself in her bedroom but then heard footsteps coming up her stairs and a voice yell: ‘We’re the police, where’s the bud’?

Terrified at what was happening, Miss Murphy began to bang on the window of her Dartmouth Street home and shout for help.

But moments later her bedroom door was kicked open and Haven, aged 21, appeared with an axe.

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