A WOMAN was shot five times in a murder plot arranged by her ex-husband, a court has heard.

Neelam Amjid was lucky to survive after being shot in Pakistan in an attack that left her new partner paralysed from the waist down.

Prosecuting, Robert Smith QC told a jury at Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday that her ex-husband Amjid Ali conspired to have her murdered.

Miss Amjid, 32, was told by Ali to meet her cousin, Mir Hamza Haled, on the Shalimar Road in Lahore on March 31 last year to recieve some money.

Mr Smith said when she arrived to meet him at just after 10pm, she felt uneasy, and asked: “There’s nothing for me to be worried about is there?”

Haled replied that there wasn’t, but then revealed a small automatic pistol and began to fire at her.

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