A former Ethiopian child soldier from Tottenham who knifed a rival in the heart before slashing his throat in a “cold-blooded” attack has been locked up indefinitely.

Daniel Teshale, of Lansdowne Road, deliberately went for Hassan Mohammed’s vital organs during the attack outside a shop in Kinglsey Road, Hounslow, in July 2010.

Teshale, who fought as a child soldier in war-torn Ethiopia, then fled to Switzerland.

Mr Mohammed – whose jugular vein was severed – lost 19 pints of blood in the attack but made a miraculous recovery because he received immediate hospital treatment.

Isleworth Crown Court heard the pair “bore hostility to each other” prior to the murderous attack, during which Teshale ordered acquaintances Jake and Drew Hemphill to bottle Mr Mohammed and beat him with a fence panel.

The brothers later admitted violent disorder and were earlier sentenced to two years and 18-months in prison respectively.

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[SWN note – how on earth can he be a “former Ethiopian child soldier from Tottenham”? He’s a bloody former Ethiopian child soldier from Ethiopia who relocated to Tottenham due to our nations idiotic policy of letting all and sundry come and live here. He’ll never be from Tottenham, always from Ethiopia, no matter where he lives or what the piece of paper he’s clutching reads]