He claimed to be so poor that he joined the riots to steal money for food.

But in reality Nasir Muhsen, 18, was living in a £3million apartment, funded by British taxpayers.

He and his family were housed in one of London’s most fashionable areas after they fled Iraq to claim asylum in Britain.

The details of the yob’s luxurious accommodation, which most could only dream of, can now be revealed after he was jailed yesterday, along with 15 other gang members who laid siege to shops and businesses ‘like a pack of hounds’ during the riots.

The serial offender was part of a ‘rampaging mob’ who terrorised the streets of Queensway and Notting Hill in West London on August 8 last year, looting, setting fire to mopeds and buses, and attacking a Michelin-starred restaurant favoured by celebrities including Kate Moss.

Yesterday Muhsen was locked up for six and a half years at Inner London Crown Court after racking up what a judge called a ‘handsome record for violence’ after coming to Britain.

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