ASIAN families have been warned to remain vigilant after a spate of burglaries involving the theft of high value gold jewellery.

Twelve incidents have been reported since April of Asian men purporting to be cavity wall insulation salesmen preying on homes in Broadfield, Tilgate, Langley Green, Pound Hill, Gossops Green, Maidenbower, Furnace Green and Southgate.

Witnesses have reported a group of around six young Asian males and an Asian woman with a limp.

The suspects have been posing with fluorescent waistcoats and holding clipboards as part of their disguise.

A large amount of jewellery has been taken during the daylight burglaries.

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[Someone asked recently why we cover enricher on enricher crimes such as this one – simple, it still all ends up as a burden on the British taxpayer in terms of police costs, courts, interpreters, prisons, etc etc. Whether they ‘enrich’ eachother by preying on themselves, or on us, it’s idiot Britain footing the bill for the imported crimewave. SWN]