Pushing their daughter on a swing in the park, Taylor Kenney and her husband Dean look like the perfect family.

But the fact she is able to enjoy simple pleasures next to the man she loves is, to her, nothing short of a miracle.

Just three years ago, Taylor, then 16, was subjected to a ­terrifying ordeal that would change her life for ever.

In the early hours of Monday, March 16, 2009, she was walking home alone from a night out after rowing with her ­boyfriend when she was raped by Jawid Armani.

In the months that followed, her relationship nearly crumbled and she was unsure if she could ever lead a normal life again…..

…..What she couldn’t have foreseen was that Jawid Armani, an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan, had been drinking in the pub and followed her out when she left.

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