A TWICE-convicted rapist jailed only last year for a campaign of burglaries in Northampton served just a fraction of his prison sentence.

Nikolajs Petrovs, 51, was sentenced to four years and eight months’ imprisonment at Northampton Crown Court in April last year for a two-month campaign of burglaries, all committed within a two-mile radius of his Abington address in Northampton.

Petrovs, who claims to be from Latvia, but who is believed to be Russian, admitted committing 12 burglaries and five attempted break-ins, shortly after arriving in the UK after being released from his last prison sentence imposed for rape.

He served just 14 months of a 56-month sentence in prison before being released, despite being recommended for deportation at the time.

And last week, he appeared in court in the Republic of Ireland after carrying out another burglary in Dundalk.

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