Just a quick apology to all our readers that I’ve done sod all for a week – as some of you may have read over on the British Resistance I’ve been hovering at deaths door (well, not literally but felt like it) for nigh on a week with some sort of funky flu/vomiting bug.

Feeling healthier now but not 100% – but it’s time to get back in business and start posting again.

Not quite back to usual yet, don’t expect the normal flood of posts alongside the stories I write over on BR, SWN and other places for a day or two – but things are getting back into normal working order now.

Again sorry we’ve been dead for updates/I’ve not been approving comments etc here on UKE – when my head hasn’t been in a bucket I’ve been lazing in bed and not feeling up to doing sod all.

Thanks for your patience and support all, it’s much appreciated.