Five gang members have been jailed after being caught red-handed stealing £17,000 of metal when they broke into a scrap dealers in Leeds.

Leeds Crown Court heard the men, all Romanian nationals, travelled from Birmingham to carry out the night time raid at European Metal Recycling.

The group used a pick axe to smash a hole in a wall before passing blocks of copper through it.

An alarm was triggered during the break-in, around 2.30am on July 9, and security services notified police who arrived at the scene and arrested the men.

CCTV footage showed the group stealing the material over a 40-minute period.

Marius Mare, 24, Leontin Florea, 48, Costinel Bodescu, 20, and Andrei Trandfir, 21, were each jailed for two years after pleading guilty to burglary.

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