vincent_ashmanVincent Tony Ashman shot Danny “Dannyman” McCalla six times at the Tropical Harmony club.

Jailing him for life at Birmingham Crown Court today, the judge told Ashman that the murder had caused untold suffering.

Ashman fled to Jamaica after the murder in November 2009 but was extradited to the UK last July.

Jurors heard that 50-year-old Mr McCalla of Dudley had hit Ashman with a baton when the pair were on the dance floor. Ashman retaliated with a 9mm pistol.

Mr Justice Popplewell said: “When you murdered “Dannyman” McCalla by gunning him down in a nightclub you not only took his life, you also caused untold and lasting suffering to his family. You added to the family’s distress by pretending your innocence for over three years.”

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