charles_omishoreA thief and crack addict who has preyed on the gay community for more than a decade has finally been banned from entering any public toilet in the whole of Westminster and Camden.

In an ASBO ruling thought to be the first of its kind, Charles Omishore, 32, has been banned by magistrates from setting foot anywhere in the West End, which stretches from Westminster into Camden.

But the loo ban means Omishore, who was staying with a friend in the borough, can’t enter any public toilet in either borough for five years.

Last Friday Westminster Magistrates’ Court granted the order after hearing about a string of offences in which Omishore typically pick-pocketed his male victims while engaging in sexual activity and then making off with wallets, mobile phones and other valuables.

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Two brothers who fleeced taxpayers out of £315,000 in a house-swapping scam involving their wives walked free after a judge said the ‘greatest punishment’ was the loss of their good names.

Mohammed Amin, 40, and his wife, Kauser Aktar, 38, switched homes with Aftab Ahmed, 39, and his wife Sobia Shaheen, 32, so the women could pretend to be tenants and claim housing benefits.

The Pakistani couples – who have 11 children between them – submitted bogus tenancy agreements for 16 years, raking in £314,452.25, Snaresbrook Crown Court in east London heard on Friday.

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caroline_bananaCaroline Banana, 40, is accused of failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) of her win while continuing to claim £5,000 in benefits.

Claimants must notify the authorities if their bank balance exceeds £16,000 either through a windfall or inheritance.

Zimbabwe-born Banana won £95,000 when she appeared on the Channel 4 show supported by her husband Michael, 48, in November 2011.

Millions of viewers watched as she took out the red box which she did not know contained £75,000, prompting the Banker to offer her £35,000 for it.

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A mother and daughter involved in a benefit fraud scam have both been jailed.

Dahiben and Nutan Patel claimed £40,000 of housing benefits they were not entitled to.

When questioned about her fraudulent activities, Dahiben Patel told investigators: “Well, everyone is doing it.”

Leicester Crown Court was told Dahiben Patel had thousands of pounds of savings in secret accounts and purchased a £9,300 holiday home in Gujarat, India. The 62-year-old, of Kashmir Road, St Matthew’s, Leicester, was jailed for nine months. She admitted 11 counts of benefit fraud in relation to housing and council tax benefit and income support, totalling £56,533.

Her daughter, Nutan Patel (42), of Thorndale Road, Thurmaston, was also involved in jointly dishonestly obtaining £39,970 of that amount. She admitted five counts of benefit fraud and was jailed for six months

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A benefit cheat who fleeced taxpayers out of more than £7,000 was spared jail today (weds).

Chidi Ukwueze, 38, who arrived in Britain from Nigeria in 2002, lied about his immigration status while making bogus claims for jobseekers’ allowance and income support.

He was given permission to stay in the UK on the condition that he did not claim state funds, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Ukwueze forged five claim forms between December 17, 2009 and November 18, 201

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azu_akpomA crooked registrar faces a lengthy jail sentence after being found guilty of issuing false birth certificates to a gang of African fraudsters who stole at least £4million from taxpayers  over 20 years.

Azu Akpom provided fake certificates to the ringleader of the gang who went on to create false identities for up to 100 children to milk the benefits system.

Croydon Crown Court heard how the  Nigerian-born father of three was ultimately trapped by a text message which, despite his denial, showed he knew the gang’s  chief conspirator, Ugandan-born Ruth Nabuguzi, 49.

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A BRITISH citizen who posed as a struggling asylum seeker so he could claim more than £10,000 in crisis loans has been jailed.

Persistent benefits cheat Mohammed Hassan, 36, drew the repayable funds saying he was an asylum seeker struggling with gas and electricity bills.

In fact, former bus driver Hassan was using the money to support his family in the UK and back in Somalia.

Bristol Crown Court heard that Hassan worked with five other men to get crisis loans from the Department of Work and Pensions, without intending to pay them back.

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