Pack Attack

A GANG fractured one man’s skull and beat up two others in a violent rampage outside a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

The group of about 10 men, described as black and Asian-looking, are being sought in connection with three attacks on victims in the Regents Circus and Victoria Road areas at around 4.30am on Sunday.

The first assault saw a 40-year-old man, from Barnsley, in Yorkshire, beaten to the ground and kicked outside the Pink Rooms . He suffered a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain and was rushed to Great Western Hospital, where he remains.

The two other victims, aged 25 and 34, were picked on as they walked home from nights out and both needed to be taken to GWH.

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A legal secretary savagely assaulted by a girl gang during the Royal Wedding celebrations today slammed a decision to let her attackers walk free from court.

Daniela Holischeck, 41, was left with a bloodied face after being battered by ‘raining fists’ following a street party to mark Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage in April last year.

Kalee Powell, 18, and Precious Gordon, 19, along with a 17-year-old who cannot be named, attacked her and fellow legal secretary Birgit Habersetzer ‘like a pack’ after spending the day boozing.

Gordon admitted affray and assaulting Ms Holischeck and Ms Harbersetzer, while Powell was convicted of affray for her part in the attack on Ms Holischeck after a trial at the Old Bailey.

Both were given community orders and told to pay a total of £300 compensation to their victims.

After the sentencing, Ms Holischeck, who worked for a City law firm, said she had been denied justice and was still haunted by the attack near her home in Kensal Rise.

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From the usually well informed Bolton Patriot we have the following story of an attack by Muslim taxi drivers wielding baseball bats and iron bars made against a 17 year old white lad. We’re currently seeking further information on events, and will update here when we know more :

This is a picture of a 17 years old jumped on by 7 Muslim taxi drivers on saturday night. He was walking home from a house party in rochdale they all jumped out of taxis with metal bars and baseball bats and started beating the shit out of him and the police are not classing this as a racist attack, because they stole his phone and smashed it they are calling it theft. If you live in Rochdale please do not use Joe baxis, streamline or minrow taxis these as the ones guilty of this horrendous crime that has left a young lad scarred for life.

If seven white lads had jumped out of their cars and beat up on a Muslim and stole his phone, it would be classed as a racist attack, but because it’s the other way round, it’s NOT a racist attack. The police in this country make me sick.

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This is the face of an innocent teenager who could lose his sight after a gang of thugs stamped on his head in an unprovoked attack.
Trainee chef Daniel Stringer-Prince, 17, was walking through Hyde town centre with best friend Kavan Brown when they were set upon. Doctors at Manchester Royal Infirmary are now battling to repair severly damaged nerves in Daniel’s eyes. He also suffered a fractured skull, a fractured cheekbone, and two fractured eye sockets.
Now his mum Cheryl Stringer, of Woodstock Crescent, Stockport, hopes this harrowing picture of her son will help catch this attackers. She said: “We hope that anyone who sees this picture will see how serious Daniel’s injuries are and if they have any information will take it straight to the police to help catch the people who did this.”
Daniel’s pal Kavan, 17, who suffered a broken nose in the attack, told how the gang appeared to pick them out at random as they walked past a takeaway in Nelson Street. Kavan said a man inside the shop waved a knife at them and gestured that he was going to cut their throats.
The gang of about 10 men then chased them as they fled towards a relative’s house. They were savagely beaten as they tried to get inside. Kavan, who has lived on the same street as Daniel and his family since childhood, said: “I just can’t understand why it happened. “I’d never seen any of them in my life before but they seemed to pick us out as we walked down the street. “They split us up and we each had five of them attacking us, it was horrific. “
When they ran off, I saw Daniel on the floor, he was conscious but in a really bad way. I’m still in shock at what happened to me but it’s even more horrendous to see your best mate in the state he’s in and now we’re all just praying he’ll be okay.” Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack, at 10.20pm on Saturday. The man in the takeaway is described as Asian, in his early to mid 20s and wearing dark clothing. The rest of the gang were all Asian and wearing hooded tops and scarves over their faces. A police spokesman said inquiries are ongoing.

A GANG of youths punched and kicked a ‘vulnerable’ man in a Blackburn park before stealing his bike.

The 36-year-old victim was cycling through Witton Park when he was pushed to the ground and attacked by the gang.

The man, who has learning difficulties and has been described as vulnerable, was stopped by the youths as he tried to cross a footbridge at around 5.20pm on Sunday.

Police said the group of between six and nine Asian youths dragged the victim from his bike by his jacket before punching and kicking him while he was on the ground in the Preston Old Road park.

The attackers, who are all thought to be under 18, then stole his £300 red and black Apollo ‘Phaze’ gentleman’s mountain bike with white writing on it.

Detective Sergeant Rob Anderson from Blackburn CID urged people to be vigilant while walking through the park.

He said: “It is always a concern for us when people are victimised in public parks and this man has been left extremely upset and shaken by this incident.

“But we would like to reassure the public that there is hardly any crime in Witton Park and we will ensure that we work hard to ensure that no patterns develop in the area.

“Although there is no need for the public to be afraid, we would urge them to be extra vigilant whilst walking through the park with valuable items in their possession.”

Anyone with information should call Blackburn police on 08451 25 3545 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 55



A GANG attack by up to 15 teenagers in the Duke Bar area of Burnley has left two men with head and chest injuries.

Nineteen-year-old friends were walking along Colne Road, between Hurtley Street and New Hall Street, when they were confronted by a gang of Asian youths and subjected to racist abuse.

The friends, both white, were challenged to a fight but were clearly outnumbered, according to police.

One of them was pushed into the road and subjected to kicks and punches.

Police said he was left with chest and rib injuries.

His friend was then pursued by some of the youths, towards Barden Lane, and was also attacked, resulting in him sustaining facial injuries.

Detective Constable Tim Maddox, of Pennine police division’s hate crimes unit, has just issued an appeal for witnesses to the violence, which is thought to have occurred between around 2.30pm and 3pm on Sunday.

“There is believed to have been a bus passing, around that time, and there may have been traffic backed up as a result of the incident,” he added.

The attacks took place close to an area of cleared terrace housing, which also housed the former Derby Arms pub.

Police say the larger group contained between 10 and 15 Asian youths, believed to be in their late teens.

The victims were allowed home after hospital treatment.

People with any information on those responsible for the attack are asked to call the unit on 01282 472282.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers, free and annonymously, on 0800 555111.


A grandfather was beaten to the ground by a group of young men who had asked him for a cigarette.

Tom Carnegie, 74, was attacked by four or five men in Belgrave, Leicester, on Good Friday as he walked home from visiting his son.

Recovering at home yesterday, the retired hosiery worker and merchant seaman said: “I don’t know why they did it. This is not the world I grew up in.

“It was a lovely evening and I’d been to see my son and his girlfriend.

“I left them, as I always do, at about 11pm. Everything seemed fine.

On the way home, I saw this group and just assumed they were locals. They asked me for a cigarette and I said, ‘of course’, because I’m a bit of a softie.

“I don’t really remember what happened next, but they just started hitting me.

“I tried to cover my face and head with my arms, but they got some blows in. I’ve got bruises all over.

“While I was down they went into my pocket and took my cigarette case and my wallet.

“I had £40 or £50 in it because I’d got my pension the day before.”

Police have branded the attack, in Payne Street, off Checketts Road, as “callous”.

They have urged the public to help them catch the gang.

“Hopefully, they will be caught before they do this to someone else,” said Mr Carnegie, a Londoner who moved to Leicester about 20 years ago.

I will get over this,” he said. “I’ve got a good family around me and a lot of good friends. The wounds are healing, although I’m still a bit stiff.

An elderly Asian couple found Mr Carnegie in the street and helped him home.

Officers want to trace them as they believe they may be able to help identify his attackers.

John Boyce, of Age Concern in Leicester, said: “While crimes like this are rare, if they become more common we would be diminished as a society. The biggest concern in cases like this is that the victim can lose all confidence and ability to go out again.

The attackers were Asian, aged about 20 and all about 5ft 10in. They were all wearing black.

Detective Constable Sarah Poppleton said: “This was a nasty attack on an elderly man who was minding his own business. The people who have committed this callous crime need to be caught and we would appeal to the public to help us identify those responsible.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Det Con Poppleton on 0116 222 2222, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


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