Some 27,725 Romanians were arrested for offences in London over the past five years, Scotland Yard said, including 10 for murder and more than 140 for rape.

The figures, published under the Freedom of Information Act, will fuel fears of a crime wave when restrictions on workers from Romania and Bulgaria are lifted in January next year.

Romanians came second only to Poles, who accounted for 34,905 arrests, including 84 for murder and almost 130 for rape.

However, there were some 587,000 migrants born in Poland living in the UK in 2011, estimates from the Office for National Statistics showed, compared with 87,000 Romanians.

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charles_omishoreA thief and crack addict who has preyed on the gay community for more than a decade has finally been banned from entering any public toilet in the whole of Westminster and Camden.

In an ASBO ruling thought to be the first of its kind, Charles Omishore, 32, has been banned by magistrates from setting foot anywhere in the West End, which stretches from Westminster into Camden.

But the loo ban means Omishore, who was staying with a friend in the borough, can’t enter any public toilet in either borough for five years.

Last Friday Westminster Magistrates’ Court granted the order after hearing about a string of offences in which Omishore typically pick-pocketed his male victims while engaging in sexual activity and then making off with wallets, mobile phones and other valuables.

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Khuram-RehmaniTwo drug dealers have been given jail sentences totalling more than ten years after police raiding a Bradford house found 1,578 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine hidden in a child’s car seat.

Khuram Rehmani, 22, of Fairfield Road, Manningham, Bradford, was imprisoned for five years and 213 days.

Omar Bostan, 23, of Westfield Road, Heaton, Bradford, was locked up for four and a half years.

Rehmani, a heroin addict, was a “third strike” street drug dealer who began selling class A drugs when he was 16, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

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shafaq_husseinA blind woman thought her taxi driver was being a kindly soul when he offered to help her withdraw the fare from a cash machine.

But, far from being a Good Samaritan, he plundered her bank account and pocketed almost 20 times the cost of the fare.

Yesterday, a smirking Shafak Hussain escaped a jail sentence after being convicted of theft.

But magistrates were told he has been shunned by his community, friends and former colleagues, and sacked from his job.

The incident happened last August when Gill Holland, who was returning from a hospital appointment, realised she was short of money so asked Hussain to stop at a machine so she could withdraw the fare.

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A prolific gambler stole more than £100,000 from the savings of an elderly resident at his care home to fund his addiction.

Imran Ahmed was jailed for three years at Nottingham Crown Court today after admitting stealing the money from a current account belonging to Audrey Green, a resident in her 70s at the Lilac House Care Home in Beeston, Nottingham, which he managed.

Ahmed, 39, used the money to fund “a double life” of gambling, the court heard.

The father-of-two would lose hundreds of pounds at casinos and at the races but his family were unaware of his addiction as he would lie to his wife about where he was going and was secretive about his financial affairs, the court heard.

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AN asylum seeker who stole £1,400 from vulnerable adults at a Birmingham care home where he worked and blew the money at a casino has been jailed for 26 weeks.

Funsho Olonilua got a job as a carer at Rathbones Care Home, in Erdington, after providing false details to an agency to hide previous convictions for dishonesty.

Olonilua, 42, of Hillside Road, Great Barr, was jailed yesterday after previously admitting charges of theft and fraud.

Judge Michael Cullum said: “This is a serious offence of theft of £1,390, effectively from eight extremely vulnerable individuals.”

Claire Harris, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said residents at Rathbones had severe learning difficulties.

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Florin Sali

POLICE are warning shoppers to be vigilant after a pickpocketing gang operating in Chester was jailed.

Five Romanian men were caught on camera targeting pensioners in the city centre before stealing an 81-year-old woman’s purse and making off.

But the gang was promptly arrested by police officers and all five were jailed for theft on Tuesday.

Sergeant Andy Burrage said: “For five grown men to target an 81-year-old lady who was on holiday in the city is sickening and not acceptable or tolerated in our city.

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