A ‘naughty’ nurse touched colleagues’ breasts and pestered them about their sex lives, a hearing was told

Cyriac Chacko, 39, ‘inappropriately’ hugged a married colleague, rubbed her stomach and ‘brushed’ her breasts at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital, Merseyside, it is claimed.

Chacko, nicknamed ‘Jolly’ by colleagues, insists he is ‘normally a tactile person’ but denies fondling.

Nurse Mary Jane Rubino said: ‘I hadn’t worked with him before and I didn’t know him very well.

‘During my first night shift we were both in the nursing station – a room used to carry out paperwork.

‘Jolly randomly asked me about my husband and what hours he worked, to which I answered ‘days’.

‘He then asked what our sex life was as he worked days and I worked nights.

‘I was shocked and embarrassed.

‘He then talked about different positions he had tried with his wife although I can’t remember the details; I was trying to black it out.

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