The dual purpose of The UK Enrichment News is to inform the True British people of the price that must and will be paid for the enforced multiculturalism that is being forced upon them without their consent and perhaps provide information to members of the public who may have information that would assist police in their enquiries.

Hatred of an entire race because the crimes some of them commit is obviously wrong. Any hatred aroused as a result of reading the verifiable information published on this site should be directed at the politicians who are trying to re-shape and destroy Our Country in order to create a soviet style Eurabia.

By request, The UK Enrichment News will now report and log jobs lost because of the betrayal of the British Workforce by big business and the old guard politicians of the embryo one party state.

It is worth noting, that because of time constraints I am only able to record a small percentage of the benefits of enrichment. Data collection started on the 19th September, 2007.