mohammed_abdul_kashemThe former owner of a Worksop restaurant who breached safety and food hygiene regulations has avoided being sent to prison.

But he was banned from ever running a food business again.

Worksop magistrates heard how Mohammed Abdul Kashem, 38, had risked causing a gas explosion or E.coli outbreak because of how he managed Monsoon in Ryton Street.

Bassetlaw Council brought the prosecution against him after officials carried out numerous inspections on the Indian restaurant.

On some occasions their improvement notices were complied with, but on others the promises were ‘filthy’.

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A takeaway owner has been forced to pay £2,000 after a shard of glass from a shattered lightbulb was discovered in a chicken meal.

A customer alerted public health officers when they found the glass in a £6 rice, couscous, chicken and potatoes dish ordered from Divan Restaurant in Hertford Road, Enfield Highway, in November 2011.

In an interview, the restaurant’s 35-year-old owner, Abdurahim Teymuroglu, admitted a lightbulb smashed when he was changing it and pieces had fallen into open lamb and chicken dishes resting under the hot display cabinet.

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rat_curryTHE Gazette can reveal the dirtiest places to eat in Blackpool.

The Gazette names the 14 takeaways, restaurants and hotels across the resort which have received zero stars out of a possible five when they were visited by hygiene inspectors last year.

And Blackpool Council today called on them to “drive up standards” in order to bring their businesses up to scratch.

While most of the eateries we have named have either declined to comment or were uncontactable, staff at one premises claim it has cleaned up its act and say it fully expects to be given a higher rating the next time the inspectors come calling.

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A Spalding kebab shop owner has been prosecuted after selling vodka containing paint stripper chemicals.

Salaman Pelit, 41, licencee of Zorba 3 takeaway on Winsover Road in Spalding, was found guilty of selling non duty paid and fake vodka at Spalding Magistrates Court on January 30.

Lincolnshire Trading Standards prosecuted on the grounds that both Mr Pelit and Zorba 3 had been gaining financially from crime, after a raid in 2012 when 29 bottles of illegal alcohol were seized.

Tests on the seized alcohol proved that it was not vodka or any type of drinking alcohol and no details of the supplier or evidence that duty had been paid were present.

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The owner of a Birmingham cafe and takeaway has been ordered to pay over £2,850 after mouse droppings were found in food and on kitchen worktops.

Environmental health officers feared the filthy conditions at Mugran Alnilain Restaurant, Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, posed an imminent risk to consumers’ health and ordered the business to close, Birmingham Magistrates Court heard. It was re-opened two days later after owner Elzubier Khasmalmos, 52, cleaned up and the pest problem was sorted out.

Nicola Lee, prosecuting, said city council officers visited the premises for a routine inspection in January last year.

“Mouse droppings were seen throughout and there was evidence food packages and containers had been contaminated,” she added.

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A WARRANT has been granted for the arrest of a Worksop restaurant owner.

Mohammed Abdul Kashem is facing 15 charges relating to the contravening of several food hygiene regulations at Monsoon, on Ryton Street.

The charges have been brought about by Bassetlaw Council’s environmental health department. On Friday magistrates in Worksop issued a warrant to be granted for Kashem’s arrest after he failed to appear in court.

Among the charges it is alleged that cooked spinach was ‘exposed for sale’ which had white flecks of mould on it and food likely to support the growth of food poisoning bacteria or toxins was being stored above 8c.

He also faces charges of failing to comply with Hygiene Improvement Notices.


A SHOP owner has been left with a £1,200 court bill after selling packs of cheese that were 33 days past their use-by date.

He was also selling pasta salad a day after he should, and a judge warned that the food could have posed “a health risk to the public”.

Bhupendra Patel, who runs Premier Extra, in Wellington Street, Grimsby, had been warned in the past about food safety, for selling sausage rolls and gammon that were out of date.

Today, he told the Telegraph: “I admit that it was my fault. It is my full responsibility to check the fresh stock and on that occasion, I failed. However, this was out of character and I take a lot of pride in my shop.

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